Our Busy Life Just Got More Interesting - Finding Balance in the Midst of Insanity

KC is leaving me. No, our marriage isn't in jeopardy, but he's been invited to leave our family for two weeks and head to Guinea, West Africa with a design team coordinated by my brother who is on full time staff for eMI (engineering ministries international). They will be working with another ministry called Mercy Ships, and will spend 12 days (+2 days of travel) there helping assess a hospital that has e coli-positive water, no sewage drainage, and poor electrical service, as well as analyze the structural adequacy of the facility. They'll then create a plan to make this hospital perform better for the people of Conakry, Guinea, and surrounding communities. (there are more than 10,000,000 people in Guinea - and only 7 hospitals in the country)I'm so excited for him to have this opportunity to serve these people in such a tangible way. We have financially supported eMI for a number of years (highly educated men and women who choose to give their lives to serve the poor of third world countries fully supported by "senders" instead of being highly paid for their education by a traditional engineering firm in the U.S.). God calls some to "send" and some to "go". We have been senders for most of our marriage. Now I'm not knocking that role, because God calls who He wants to play the roles He sees fit for us and how He gifts us. But always...always is the struggle that we should be doing more. That sending isn't enough. I know its a lie from the enemy, but its still a struggle at times. Well, now...now one of us has been called to GO, and I could not be more excited to "see" Guinea and love the people there through KC's eyes and pen. I bought him a journal to write his thoughts and what he sees while there. KC is a great writer - its the way he best expresses himself, so needless to say that journal will be such a blessing upon his return. With his permission I may share some of it here.It all comes back to being faithful to what God calls us to, and with the resources that He blesses us with. I'm so glad didn't allow our business to become successful overnight. I'm glad He took years to allow us to try, fail, try again with our finances until we got disciplined and learned how to be faithful with managing little, before He put us in charge of managing more. I dont think a young me was mature enough to "get" that having a successful business doesn't mean shooting the wad on all of our wants, but learning that "to whom much is given, much will be required", both in saving and in giving. If it weren't for this Beachbody business we would not be able to support eMI in the way that we do with God's money that He entrusts us with. KC would not be able to take 2 weeks off of work with no pay to go and use his time to contribute to helping the poor - those God speaks so much of in the bible, calling us to serve them.Back here at home it will be quite the undertaking to run this family without the dad, my partner in every aspect of life. I will miss his face, his humor, the time of evening when his motorcycle rounds the corner and I see him getting off his bike. That's the emotional side of it. The logistical side of it is that I am ON full time to deliver our kids to their various events, practices, games, races, meetings, field trips, etc., not to mention that good ol' Beachbody business I mentioned before! ;) Pray for me. God has called us to this and I love this saying: "God doesn't call the equipped, He equips the called". And so I send off my favorite person to serve the One worthy of our separating for a time, and step into these next two weeks praying God uses me and my open attitude, not just to "get through" the days. I trust I'll find a deeper faith and hope in Him as I find He really does supply all we need, and never leaves our side!In Relentless Pursuit of Excellence~TRACI :)