Looking for FOUNDING CANADIAN COACHES In Relentless Pursuit Of Excellence

As of October 1, 2012 Team Beachbody Coaching is coming to CANADA!!!!!Please email me at CanadaFounders@tracimorrow.com if you are interested in joining my team - my assistant Brittany is compiling my list of Canadian Founders and will add you to the list for all up to date information. Check back here often as I will be launching my Founding Team on that day, and want to have many of my team ready for launch by then so we can expand quickly! :) I am so excited as this is something we've been saying for the last 6 years: "Be Patient, Canadian Coaches!" :) Our patience has delivered us to this day!Start gathering your team so when I come for training (very soon God willing!) we can huddle up a big team! :) WOOOT! (Do you say "Woot!" in Canada?? ;))I'm looking for builders - people who want to build a lasting impact and business helping others reclaim their lives!!! :)Gettin' ready to build a lasting Team Beachbody Coaching Business in Canada, In Relentless Pursuit of Excellence ~ with YOU!TRACI :)