Morrow Family Ultimate Reset - Meal Pics - Day Two

Day two menu was AWESOME! Its funny how you tell yourself that you CAN'T have something and its immediately what you want. :) That's how we feel. We are craving things we don't even eat!?Giving up my daily cup of coffee has been more of a struggle in missing the experience of coffee than the coffee itself. My typical routine is to take the kids to school, come home to a quiet house, boil water to make my via and then sit down to my computer, "at work" with a hot mug in my hands. I missed that today GREATLY. I actually felt really sorry for myself. haa :) That's funny to admit but I love the emotional tie that I have to some of my routines. They mean something to me, and I'm not all that sure that its bad. As people we love routine don't we? And when food and drink become a connection (or central focus) of the routine, it's difficult when the routine gets shuffled. And so that's where I stand today. 19 more days? Haven't we already been on this for two weeks? :)

Enjoy the photos! Every meal was devoured with "oohs" and "aaahs". :)














LEFT: My serving size, RIGHT: KC's serving size

Most people made taco's of this, but we like to cut it into chips and dip it. I heated the tortillas directly on the gas stove burner, then cut them with scissors. **If you buy blue corn tortillas they are half the calories of yellow corn tortillas, so KC as a man got more (2) - this was a great way to do it! We just traded pieces so we got the flavor of each. My girls were mad that they had yellow corn (I remembered that I had blue corn too late for them) because they'd have rather had two tortillas. Lesson learned.

This dinner is a keeper also - like a taste explosion in your mouth. :)

As of the end of Day Two here's our weight loss:

KC: 5.2 lbs

TRACI: 2.4 lbs

Holli: 3.2 lbs

Bayli: 2.8 lbs

Lyndsi: 2.6 lbs lbs

(again, I think this is water weight at this point) I kept saying "For lack of a better word I feel 'empty'. Not hungry empty, just empty." My friend Larry said it best "Like someone wrung you out?"


Till tomorrow ~

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