The Morrow Girls Share Their First Day Thoughts Of The Ultimate Reset

So as promised, here is a snippet of the first day on the Ultimate Reset with my 16 year old and 13 year old daughters. They are a HUGE help in the kitchen, both with food shopping, prep, packaging and dishes! Its truly a family effort, and I cannot imagine doing this without them! :)Bayli is 16 and doing the Reset as written. Lyndsi is 13 and just eating according to the Reset plan but none of the supplements and additional snacks (from the list) as she is too young to take them. She's also taking Activit with breakfast and dinner.More to come shortly about our meals so you can get a snap shot of what they look like - they are colorful, delicious, and filling!! LOVE IT!! :)If you'd like to try the Ultimate Reset just follow the link and you can purchase yours and I'll answer your questions as you reset your own body! :)In Relentless Pursuit of Excellence....with my family on the Ultimate Reset!TRACI :)