Preparation For The Morrow Family Ultimate Reset

We've jumped in with both feet. When Team Beachbody invited me to be in the test group of Elite Coaches doing The Ultimate Reset; a new program offered that helps you "reset" the inner workings of your body; flushing toxins and resetting the health of your organs, mindset, and attitudes about food. I declined. I eat pretty healthy and didn't think this product was necessarily something that was for me, perhaps a little too "hocus pocus" for my taste. (just keeping it real) And then the test group that I declined to participate in started sharing results. And they were healthy, cholesterol dropping, weight loss, coffee-addictions-broken results. curiosity was peaked, but still not enough to try. And then.....Holli (my 17 year old) caught wind of the Reset. And the rest is history. Cuz if my kids want to participate in something with me, and we can get "Dad" on board - its pretty much an open and shut case with me. (unless its my 19 year old son asking me to get on board for motor cycles for he and his dad, but that's for another blog entry)So after much talk and the back and forth of what should be our designated Day One, we purchased our systems and waited. And eavesdropped on Facebook as people posted their Reset meal pics, how they were feeling, and their daily weight. Worried about the time for meal preparation, I stressed over the "how to" of this program, but had already fully committed to the 21 days. When it arrived, we watched the videos and went to the website to print out the grocery list. The cooking video is so important - especially the first segment where Tony Horton's Personal Chef Melissa Costello tells you what you need to have (or add) to your kitchen in order to prepare these awesome meals. LOVED THAT PART because I'm all or nothing on things like this. And the last thing I want to do is take on a huge project and not have the proper tools. I wrote down a list of things my kitchen needed. So make sure when you do YOUR Reset (and I suspect you may want to as you watch our journey) make sure you watch the video if you will be preparing the food.The grocery list was a HUGE help - Beachbody is so great to lay everything out for the consumer because if you're like me; you like it spelled out for you in simple, easy to implement language. The Reset is no different from P90X in the way that its methodically laid out for execution. I love that. So shop, and shop we did. Four different stores (Trader Joes, Albertsons, Vitamin City, and Target), and I ended up having to go online to purchase two things the local health stores were out of. (Bragg's Liquid Aminos and millet; btw: NOT ground millet - lesson learned the hard way)The first week will clearly be the toughest shopping week because there were so many basics for the program that I didnt have. But I was surprised and happy to see that also had several of the items already in operation in my kitchen. :) Yay! I am SO much farther along after nearly 10 years of knowing and working with Tony Horton and learning from him, than I ever would have been from my REAL Day One in my lifelong journey with Beachbody back in 2003. If you have NONE of the things on the list from the start, you're in for a real treat of a crash course in what I've pieced together over the years.My last stop was to Target with my list of things I wrote down from Missy's (Melissa Costello - she's a friend and that's how I know her, so from here on out as I reference "Missy" - I'm talking about Melissa :)) Reset cooking dvd.Here's my list:

  • Bamboo cutting boards
  • Good chopping knives (mine were all wedding presents, and beyond DULL with years of use. Um...I've been married for nearly 22 years - I'm due for new knives - but that's also for another blog)
  • Food processor (How fun! My mom had one, and it SEEMS the "Mom" thing to have, I just never had a use for one before now!)
  • Hand held chopper for herbs (found one on the kitchen wall of Target where all the random spatulas, bag clips, timers are)
  • Bag clips
  • Salad dressing bottle or two
  • Scale (I haven't owned one for years - I bought the glass Biggest Loser scale at Target)

Things I'd recommend if you don't have them (I did):

  • Rubbermaid containers of all sizes (can be any brand - Target sells Rubbermaid)
  • Stainless steel water bottle to carry your distilled water in
  • Wok with lid
  • Good set of measuring cups and measuring spoons
  • Garlic press
  • Magic Bullet (or any blender that chops things small) for dressing and soups

That's all I can think of for now but if anything jumps out at me or if I need to go pick something else up I'll let you know here. My goal is to help you make it as simple and FUN as possible! :)We spent much of Sunday (the day before Day One) chopping, organizing the kitchen, and I moved some things out to the garage to make counter space for the food processor and our Reset necessities. May 7th we began our journey. I fully intend to blog daily - either by word or video. My goal is to be honest and open and *INVITE* you to join me on a Reset of your own! I will run a Reset private Facebook group for anyone who'd like to go through this with me as your Coach. :)Thanks for joining us on our family journey. :)I hope a sneak peek into our family helps you decide if you or your family is ready for a RESET of your own! Please feel free to leave a comment or question along the way!In Relentless Pursuit of Excellence....TOGETHER, as a family!TRACI :)