Team Beachbody Top Coach TRACI MORROW shares the price comparisons of Shakeology

Lots of people are expressing an interest in tasting Shakeology: the healthiest meal of the day which can only be purchased through a Beachbody Coach. Touted as the smartest calories you can put in your body, there are different price brackets that you can get Shakeology! I put together a slide (below) to show those differences (ranging from $3-$4.50 per serving). If you'd like to try it for FREE, message me with a snail mail address and I'll happily send you a sample! :) My goal as your Beachbody Coach is to help you reach your goals to being a healthier, happier, more BALANCED you! :)I personally drink this shake every day, as do my teenagers, and my elementary aged kids think its a dessert it tastes so good! Your health - in a glass. Sounds like a commercial, doesn't it? :)The tag line is:Acts like a salad. Tastes like dessert. :) Totally agree.In Relentless Pursuit of Excellence~TRACI :)