Team Beachbody Top Coach TRACI MORROW shares a clip from CEO Carl Daikeler's blog about yet another celeb ordering a BB product from tv! :)

So I was reading Carl Daikeler's blog and found the most fun endorsement on the couch of Conan! Yet another example of a celebrity purchasing one of our programs and how much fun he the privacy of his own living room! So picture it: Chris alone in his living room, lacing up his shoes, opening his DVD player, pressing PLAY and getting his groove on - tilting, tucking, and tightening his way to firm abs! :) Just like you and I do. I'm just wondering who he was assigned to as a customer? Might want to check your customer list! ;o)From Carl's Blog:It’s good to be Chris Pratt. He has a regular gig as part of the winning cast of NBC’s Thursday night comedy hit Parks and Recreation. He’s co-starring with Mr. Angelina Jolie (you may know him as Brad Pitt) in the new film Moneyball. And, he is looking better than ever, thanks to Shaun T and Hip Hop Abs!Chris was just on Conan promoting Moneyball and when Conan asked him how he got into such great shape, he launched into one of the funniest, most genuine celebrity testimonials we’ve seen for our products. Chris even demonstrates “Tilt, Tuck and Tighten” for the audience and gives Shaun T a heartfelt shout-out.(Check out the video starting at about 3:25)