Were You a Teen in the 80's?

I was! :) Remember the hours (and cans of hair spray that our environment pays for now!) that we put into getting our bangs and wings (referring to our hairstyle for those of you who missed this totally rad era) to stand on end to look JUST RIGHT for our high school dance?Oh, it was a time of Mary Kay make up, permed big hair, Swatch watches, mismatched earrings, Breakfast Club, earring'd boys with big waves in their hair, new wave & glamour rock bands. :) Its silly to look back now, but we were such a generation of excess and we loved that about ourselves. In response to someone taking a shot at our generation, we'd answer with classic teenage expertise in things we knew little about: "C'mon - this is the 80's" as if we had a new and more evolved viewpoint. We went to high school football games much less to be true to our school, and more to be seen. We were far less earthy than our previous 60's and 70's prior generation, and if there was something to "OVERDO" we did it, including our use of bright, vibrant colors in our lipstick and our tightly pegged jeans.Now we're in our late 30's and 40's. Our kids are now the age we were back in the days of excess and youth. Its a weird realization to have kids the age I was when I lived in the heyday of the 80's. My kids are far more focused than I was at their age, and far more responsible, thats for sure. Thankfully I recovered from those days of shoulder pads and pegged pants. :) But what has taken me back this week is a concert my husband KC and I went to to celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary. A dear friend of mine sings the very songs that I hoped the cutest boy at the dance would ask me to dance to, (you never know who you'll grow up and become friends with :)) and this weekend we got to hear him play with his band, Chicago, at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills. I've heard Jason Scheff sing at various gatherings at the piano or with guitar in hand, surrounded by friends, but to see him on stage, doing his thing with the big Chicago sign behind him, singing songs that brought faint memories from the past quickly to vivid pictures connected to a sound, a song, an emotion. Funny how a song or sound or smell can take you back. I video'd a couple of my fav songs, and share them with you here. I hope it brings back good memories for you! :)It may very well be the music that saves the memory of the 80's, and if you feel led to grab your spouse or significant other and have a dance next to your computer as you listen & remember, be my guest! ;)Hard For Me To Say I'm Sorry ~Chicago, Featuring Jason ScheffIn Relentless Pursuit of Excellence,TRACI :)