P90X3's TRACI MORROW's Tip to Ted's Chair in Yoga X3

For 11 years I've been doing Tony Horton's workouts! 11 YEARS!! When I first started I did NOT like yoga. I used to complain and avoid it, and then when I did do it I'd sit in the poses and think of the laundry and dishes I wasn't doing, and all the errands I wasn't running. But Tony kept saying "Traci Morrow, you NEED to do yoga!" So I did, and I tried so hard to learn to quiet my mind and BE STILL. (God is still whispering to me to work on that!) :DI've come to have a real love of the value of yoga, and can tell when my body is needing that internal massage that yoga brings. But its also brought stability and balance and strength that I didn't expect. This week I was able to do something I hadn't before, and it was SO gratifying! :) I'm so thankful Tony kept telling me to practice yoga!! And now I'll do the same for you! YOU NEED TO DO YOGA!! :) Don't skip it - 11 years will pass and you'll be so glad you did! :) Here's a little snippet of my new accomplishment! :) I am SO proud to share it!!In Relentless Pursuit of Excellence! :)TRACI :)