2014: Living Your Best Year Ever

Our JOB as coaches is to make sure we understand what someone wants out of their business when they sign up with us, and provide the tools and support to meet their goals. PERIOD. We don't twist arms, or encourage them to do or be something they don't want to do. We ask. We listen. We support. We connect. We CARE.I say on my new coach calls "you just tell me what you envision for your business and I'll make sure you get those tools. If that vision changes along the way - just let me know and we'll adjust to meet your goals!" They know I'm on their side; I know where they're at. Then if I don't hear from them for a while I check in to see if they're still in it or have any questions.Are you checking in with your team? Every 6 months or so just give them a private message to let them know that you're wondering how they are and if you can assist them or answer any questions for them. :) Offer to add them to a challenge group or to a training (I am LOVING the ACEO system!!) and get them plugged in based on what they say. (listening required) Reiterate to them what you hear them saying and ask if you heard them right. If they want space, ask if its okay if you reach out if you haven't heard from them in about 6 months. Then put it on your calendar. Follow through. It's a person, not just a to do list.IMG_9228Assess what YOUR goals are. Have you lost rank? Have you lost steam? WRITE DOWN YOUR TOP THREE GOALS and tape them to your key board and every day do something (or 10 somethings!) to move you toward your goal. CONSISTENCY is key to reaching ANYTHING.Make your goals BIG. Almost too big to imagine. If you'd have asked me 22 years ago if I ever thought I'd meet John Maxwell or *radical thought* work with him privately I'd have laughed and thought it a crazy (though fun) dream; unattainable. And yet.....Don't make your goals too small. Cast a big vision, and then WORK LIKE MAD to earn your spot. No complaining. No whining. No comparing. No blaming. Hard work, consistently with your eyes fixed on your goal and a heart full of gratitude for the opportunity to even GET to go for it!Enjoy the journey every step of the way because THAT is what shapes you - money in the bank and having no debt doesn't make you better. Hard work with a good attitude, and tenacity when it feels like its crumbling, DOES.LIVE YOUR BEST YEAR EVER. It's the brave thing to do. :)In Relentless Pursuit of Excellence,TRACI :)