Finding Balance In The Midst of Grief and Tragedy - A Tangible Way To Help The Sandy Hook Families

Bears lining a wall outside of Sandy Hook Elementary. One for each victim.The Connecticut shooting has been shocking, disillusioning, and many of us have been left grieving for children and adults we don't know, with the emotion one might expect to feel if the same thing were to happen to a dear friend or family member. I, and the members of my family, are no different. We randomly tear up at the thought of little 6 & 7 year old children dying such a scary, horrific death while at their safe school with their friends and teacher. We are interested in the news of the gunman and are left just as confused as everyone as to how this happens.Like many others, I pray those families are being comforted in the deepest part of their beings in a way that only God can meet in a grief that's too deep to fathom. We want to help them, in some way; extend our compassion in a tangible way. Well, there IS a way.A former student at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, and the gunman's former babysitter Ryan Kraft has set up a NPO Victim's Relief Fund. Please read up on it, and if you're looking for a way to reach out with love to strangers this may be what you're looking for!May we all reach out to the God of love, as we try to comprehend the depth of evil that's a direct result of the absence of God's love.In Relentless Pursuit of Excellence in the midst of evil events,TRACI