A Morrow Christmas Family Tradition

We unpacked the Christmas decorations last night while watching "Elf". Decorating the tree is an activity that kicks off the Christmas Season for our family, as I'm sure you have traditions that do the same. And there, in the box, lay our tarnished, silver star (in the photo, top left). :) This little star brings back so many memories - sure, we all do nice things for one another as a result, but oddly it brings up the funny memories of when it got stuck on someone's bed for too long (usually Dad or one of the teenagers) and after nicely trying to nudge that star to move, the ridiculous comments that I'd find myself making to get it moving again."C'mon, it's ruining it for everyone!""Can you not think of ONE nice thing to do for someone?""That star had better move by the time you go to bed tonight!....and....uh....do it with joy!"LOLOLOL Seriously....it sounds all Pollyanna that we do it, but truth be told, the REASON we do it is because we, like many other families, need to work on the concept of doing kind things for other people WITHOUT getting "credit", or even a "thank you". THAT'S truly giving. :) This is one of those traditions that is fun when they're little kids, more trying when they're teens, and "lame" to older teens, but God-willing I hope to hear from my grandkids one day that the tradition is continuing in my grown kids' homes. THEN....I believe is when those life lessons really and truly make a home in their hearts. :) So we invest in the lessons now in hopes that they'll "get it" when they all choose to embrace those important life lessons taught to them as children, and weathered through the teen years.So as we look to show LOVE & KINDNESS to others this holiday season, and MODELING it - won't you join us? :)In Relentless Pursuit of Excellence~TRACI, for all the wacky Morrows :)