Finding Your Healthy Formula?

“Living healthy and well.” What does that look like for YOU? Have you ever verbalized it?

For more than 20 years I’ve helped people discover why they believed healthy living has never “worked” for them in the past, and it almost always has to do with each person’s unspoken expectation of what it actually looks like. Could that maybe be you?

If you’re someone who has struggled with taking back your health, sometimes all it takes is answering some myth-busting questions to define what is actually holding you back from defining and living a healthy formula.

Take some time to ask yourself the following:

Do I think I’m worth it to create some space for self care?

Do I really want to make changes in my habits so I can be healthier?

Who do I need to talk to to create support at home, at work, at church, online?

If I really want to, can I find 30 minutes in my schedule 5 days a week to remove an old habit, and add in some heart-raising movement?

Am I willing to give up old eating habits and learn some new “go to menu plans” that are in line with my new, healthy choices?

Is there a food or drink I cannot live without? What is it, and why am I so connected to it? What does my life/health look like without it?

Are there regular times of day that I eat mindlessly?

If so, am I open to learning some things to do in place of mindless eating?

When I envision my “best self” what do I look like? Feel like? Dress like? Believe about myself?

Do I believe I can change lazy habits to go after what I truly, deep down want for myself?

If I currently feel incapable of changing, am I willing to get some therapy from a therapist that a trusted friend would recommend to me? When will I do this?


Once you’ve asked yourself these questions, and answered honestly; it’s time to get to work creating your own healthy formula. One that you actually choose for yourself, can agree to, and that has no end date. Creating not a diet, and not a quick fix, but a formula that fits you, works for you, and serves you well for a lifetime, with permission to tweak it as it no longer serves you.

Doesn’t matter if you’ve never found the right formula before.

You aren’t a failure because you didn’t complete an old plan in the past.

What matters is that there are tools to fit your needs, that empower you to live your great lifestory, and that eliminate the idea that you can’t live healthy.

The truth is that YOU get to choose how you take care of yourself, and I for one am excited and available to help you create YOUR healthy formula!

Message me here, and let’s create together! :)

I may not have met you yet, but I’m in your corner!

Live healthy! I can help!!


Traci MorrowComment