Mom's Spaghetti on Edamame Pasta & Mixed Salad


Prepare edamame pasta - rinse and drain (found with pasta at the grocery store)You can also use zoodles (zucchini noodles) I will noodle the zucchini, then cut the looong noodles and run them under hot water in a strainer in the sinkSauce:Brown ground turkey or low fat ground beefDrain fat, wipe panAdd back meat, add sauce (I use Paul Newman’s Marinara)Bring to boil, add seasonings, then simmer for up to 4 hours:Bay leafDried mustardGround oreganoBasilCouple big splashes of TabascoCouple big splashes of Worcestershire SauceCelery saltSalt and pepperGreen salad:You can tear your salad from a head of lettuce, or you can buy it in a bagAdd as many vegetables as possible:CarrotsBell pepperCeleryRadishCherry or regular tomatoes2 Hard boiled eggs*My mom taught me to make a salad in a much bigger bowl than the salad so you can toss vigorously without making a mess!Dressings:Any Newman’s Low-fat dressingORSalt and pepper and Mrs Dash the salad, thenAdd olive oil and your choice of vinegar (I like red wine, rice, or balsamic)*Your protein portion should be about a palm size, so remember that when serving up.Eat your vegetables/salad with reckless abandon! :)You Are What You Eat!TRACI :)