Health Comeback - A New Norm

As many of you know, I had thyroid cancer last year. I had my thyroid and a fast growing nodule removed in March 2015. It has been a long journey "back". a new norm


Your thyroid plays a significant role in your metabolism and in energy regulation, so this journey has been interesting to say the least.  I'm in the process of learning to accept what is inevitable, while pushing to maintain the highest level of living for every age and stage of life.  Since this surgery, my thoughts about "can do vs look like" (Tony Horton's wise catch phrase) have been stretched and dissected; emotionally and mentally.  Physically and post surgery, my weight has fluctuated regardless of what I'm eating and how much I'm working out. Secondly, I FEEL like I'm walking around with my 175 lb hubby on my back much of the day. I've felt exhausted, emotionally drained, and very uncharacteristically sluggish.

In 2016 I decided to really play with my metabolism as my medication became more regulated, but as new symptoms of Peri-menopause have kicked in. (I'm 46) My body has been SO unpredictable. Whether you're a man or woman, with a thyroid or without, I KNOW most of you can relate to feeling more tired as we get older. After a while, I just had to say to myself "I do NOT want to do this the rest of my life." And so, decision made, I committed.

In January, I began steps to my "comeback". Ten pounds up from where I was pre-surgery, and holding steady at this new number, I decided to become an expert of my own body/metabolism.  I will remain medically hyperthyroid for the rest of my life because I've had thyroid cancer, so I needed to accept that I won't suddenly FEEL like I used to, and I wanted to really see what my body could do. When I started back I felt like a beginner.  I wasn't sure I could ever get back to doing extreme home programs again as one hard workout initially zonked me for the remainder of the day, and oftentimes for the 2-3 days that followed. But I'd decided what I wanted, shared it with a group of friends and asked for prayer, made my plan (food and fitness), and committed to the process. And what a process it's been. One that brought a bit more energy, but also frustration, discouragement, and annoyance at that blasted scale that wouldn't budge no matter how hard I worked.

My plan:

I did


to build a foundation. Frustrating, because for 13 years I've been fit and healthy. Starting over was frustrating but I knew I had to train smart and rebuild the muscle, ligaments, and supporting tendons.

Once I did about 100 days of this I went on to


. :) LOVE that program. The scale didn't budge in the downward direction, but my stamina was building and I was so thankful for that. I think I actually gained a pound eating about 1600 calories a day.

I then did "

Hell Week

" for

22 Minute Hard Corps

and cut out all bread and no glass of wine with dinner.  I was never much of a drinker, but when I hit 42-ish I began having a glass with dinner because of heart benefits. (and it tastes good :)) Back to water for dinner.

I just finished a round of

21 Day Fix Extreme

. The scale has gone down a total of 2 lbs (SERIOUSLY?!) in all of these months of nearly squeaky clean eating and hard, consistent workouts. But I feel stronger and my stamina is up. I'm sleeping better, which is a huge plus after 2 years of insomnia due to thyroid and hormonal issues.

Is it the exact desired outcome I had hoped for? Honestly, no. I wish I was leaner after all the hard work.

Do I FEEL better? Yes, absolutely! I am still sore and tired, but I'd rather be heart healthy and sore and tired, than sluggish and sore and tired.

I desire to age with grace and dignity, don't you? Although I'm not a fan of feeling tired, or even how my once firm skin is now aging and has that crepey look, nor how my laugh lines are taking deep root around my 46 year old eyes. But I tell myself that a peaceful heart and a lighthearted spirit makes for laugh lines on an aging face. May my inner peace show on this aging face and my hard fought for wisdom & understanding show in my facial expressions.  May every day I become a better version of my yesterday's self.  Exercising my body, my brain, my spirit no matter how it LOOKS afterward. Though I still would love to see my flat abs peeking through young, 30-something skin, I am taking care of myself so that I can get the most out of my life in this body I've been blessed with. Don't YOU want that too? No regrets. A life of discipline, hard work, and faith filled, positive actions like working out, healthy eating, and reading and implementing books filled with tools that help you become THE BEST YOU.

Last thing to mention: In case you're wondering, I take calcitrol and synthroid daily in the absence of my thyroid. I drink a


super food shake daily (drinking one now as I type this) with

Focused Energy


Digestive Health



pre-workout drink, and



I love accountability and doing hard things with a support group, so IF you don't already have a

Beachbody Coach

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21 Day Fix


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Life is too short to not live life to the fullest!

In relentless pursuit of excellence!