TRACI's Top 3 Tips To Help Moms Get In That Summer Workout

I don't know about you, but I'm a creature of habit. When summer hits, the kids are all home, my house is messier, the noise level skyrockets, someone is always in the kitchen making or eating something, and my workout schedule gets way more difficult as a work-at-home mom.So if you're a woman like me, who finds your schedule all over the map with your workouts in the summer months when the kids are home, here are my Top 3 Tips for moms like me who want (read NEED) to keep their workouts a part of their (crazy) summer schedule!

1. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE BRA.  If I put on a sports bra, I put on workout clothes, and am far more apt to workout before my day gets going. If I put on a regular bra, I pick out regular clothes instead of workout clothes and in doing so I've pretty much sealed the deal that I won't work out that day. Somehow my bra choice dictates my workout.

2. NO SHOWER TILL THE WORKOUT IS DONE. If you leave the house early for your job, this probably won't apply to you on work days, but for those who stay at home/work at home; no workout; no shower!  It's a real motivator to get in that workout so you can shower and get presentable for the day. :)  Though I have been known to not get in the shower till almost dinner - or sometimes not at all!

3. DRINK YOURE&E. Taking your pre-workout drink sets you up to MAKE your workout a priority in a 15-30 minute window, when it's effects will kick in!It's not difficult to make working out a priority when you take simple steps to make it work!  Then, you can take care of the rest of the summer fun and craziness with a peace of mind that you've taken care of your health, which makes you a better mom and all around woman! :)Cheers to messy kitchens,  and a houseful of laughter...and a healthy (sane) mom!In Relentless Pursuit of Excellence....Simplified!TRACI :)