Are You Miming Your Workouts?

I've been hosting a Challenge Group with a group of people who are together going through Shaun T's new program Focus T25. We're about done with Round One (which includes Alpha (Phase I), and Beta (Phase II)), and its been a fun 10 weeks! Some people have gotten amazing results. Their clothes are now too big, they've got crazy new energy, and people are noticing, asking what they've been doing. Some are pumped to go to the Third Phase (Gamma) to see what else their body can do! I LOOOVE that! :) Light bulb moments left and right, excited text messages, and emails with lots of exclamation points!!!!! :)But as with all programs, sometimes people don't get great results. Did the program "fail"? Did they "fail"? Is exercise not really for some people? No, No, and No!!!!!!! (note my exclamation points :)) I really mean it. You may be reading this and secretly be in that same private place of shame or embarrassment. You publicly said you were doing a program and you feel like people are looking at you, wondering "Uh....I though he/she was doing a fitness program?" STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP and read below. Together, we can break plateau with a MIND SHIFT. :)Mime-webAre you experiencing plateau in your journey? Are you getting the results you'd hoped for when you raised your hand to join this group? Want to talk about it? Sometimes its best to get really honest with yourself. Let's do that together.1. How is your eating? This is typically the problem with someone doing their workouts but not seeing steady changes in their inches and on the scale. Invite someone to take a look at your food plan for a week. I am sometimes shocked to see what most people think is a healthy nutrition plan, but its either that they don't really know, or they're fooling themselves because deep down they dont think they can actually stick to a REAL healthy plan. Or they're just plain lying to themselves and their coach because its embarrassing. THIS IS WHY WE'RE HERE. To show you that what you HOPE for is within reach, and to help you get honest with yourself and your support crew. (us!)Your body wont ever change until your MIND changes about this. So get real with yourself and see why you may be sabotaging yourself. Give yourself some LOVE in the process....beating yourself up isn't motivating. Its mean. Odds are, you probably wouldn't talk to someone else like that, so why talk to yourself in that manner?2. Are you giving your all in your workouts? There is such a thing as "miming" your workouts. Stand up right now and march in place for 5 seconds but dont really think about it......waiting for you to finish .........Okay, good job! You probably didn't expend a lot of energy or give it much effort. The time passed, you did what I asked you to do but you probably burned very little energy to get it done and I'd bet you aren't going to be sore tomorrow.Now....put on a fun upbeat tune and march in place. Imagine the camera's are on you to show the world how marching is done, and think about raising your knees with umph but letting that foot hit the ground softly as the other knee comes up. Work your elbows up in front of you and then high in back. Hold in your abs as you do it (but continue to breathe) like you're anticipating someone punching you in the stomach. Squeeze your glute muscles as you raise and lower the knees.......Now.............did you feel a difference?marchingmimeOne was miming the moves and while it looks on the outside like you're following the instruction, you aren't actually engaging the muscles and burning much fuel (calories). The other however, had you thinking of the muscles you were using, concentrating on proper form, digging deep within to really bring it for the imaginary camera, and you gave an extra umph because the beat was catchy - burned more, got your heart rate up, and maybe were panting a bit.THAT one little adjustment of the MIND can make a huge difference in the way you see results. So ask yourself: am I miming it or giving it my all with every move, so as to maximize the move for optimal caloric burn? Only you can do that. Why not make the most of your 25 minutes and FOCUS by DIGGING DEEP. That's what Shaun's talking about when he says it. Focus on what you're doing and dig deeper into your muscle and calorie stores by changing your MIND!Okay, that gives you plenty to consider and gauge.I want you to have the fit body you imagined when you bought this program. Its okay if you need to call out "DO OVER!"Life is full of do overs - take yours and DIG DEEPER! Its NEVER too late to Live Healthy ~ I can Help! :)In Relentless Pursuit of Excellence~ TRACI <3 ***I'm starting a new program between Sept 1 and Oct 1 - if you want to join me get your pack here and then message me that you're in! :) ( with me is FREE when I'm your Coach! :)