I Want To Get Fit, But I'm A Tired Mom! ~Team Beachbody Top Coach & Mom of 6 TRACI MORROW Shares

Life is busy! As a mom of 6 kids, I get it. But day after day of wishing I was in better shape, wishing I could muster up the energy to workout never actually happened. I wish I could tell you how it works with that moment when you say to yourself "Enough!" and decide to do whatever it takes to make a change. It's truthfully different for every person but the reality is YOU GET TO CHOOSE when enough is enough! :)So IF YOU'RE READY, here are steps to take:1. Get Accountability! As your FREE Team Beachbody Coach I can help you stay on track if you'll let me!I have a private facebook group that I can add you to when you COMMIT to your personal decision to Live Healthy!2. Pick your Program! Plans fail for lack of counsel. I have a Challenge Pack that you can choose to fit your personal goals, which include - your workout, your personalized menu plan, our meal replacement shake Shakeology. It tastes like dessert, but every 8 oz serving of this meal replacement shake is like going to the salad bar and filling your plate 6 1/2 times!3. Press Play. Schedule it, and just do it. Every day. One day stacked on top of another day, and with a plan in place, and with faithful execution of the plan - YOUR BODY WILL CHANGE! :)So let's go! Why not you? Why not now? I CAN HELP! :) Say yes,  give me a high five - and let's get started TODAY! :)IMG_2905In Relentless Pursuit of Excellence! TRACI :)