I Start Insanity Tomorrow - So Does Shaun T - Want To Join Us? :D

I spent the weekend in Nebraska (man, it was cold!!!) and some time with Shaun T. :) He's the creator of the workout in the number one infomercial spot for several weeks running called Insanity, and Insanity Asylum, & Asylum 2 and a dear friend. Well, Shaun T is starting a round of Insanity (his first, start to finish !) this Monday March 4, 2013, and invited me and my friend Doug Fitzgerald857423_10152600894320307_1964297646_oto start with him & a huge group of others who are doing it with Shaun! They're calling themselves the ShaunTourage and you can follow along on the "how to"'s at Shaun T's FB Like page.But like Shaun T invited me, I'm inviting YOU to join ME! If you hit any of the links above you can purchase your Challenge Pack - I'll add you to my Private Facebook Group where I coach people through their weight loss journey for free! You'll be a part of a great group of people wanting to LIVE HEALTHY - and I CAN HELP! :) I know life is full - I'm a busy mom - a mom of 6 - but life is too short to not join the fun and live a healthy, active lifestyle! No matter your age! There's no time like the present!!! :DI hope you'll choose to join me, and when you do - shoot me an email so I can add you to my private, exclusive group! We're going to get you fit, and earn you an INSANITY GRAD t-shirt!! :)Always - In Relentless Pursuit of Excellence!TRACI :)