Raising Kids Alongside A Home Based Business

What does that look like? As a child my mom was a stay at home mom, and I'm so glad she was! Her mom was a stay at home mom as well. I BELIEVE in being a stay at home mom. My life just looks different than anything I've known, or that is familiar to me, and I'm learning to find a new norm in that. But what does it look like when you're a stay at home mom and you're building a stay at home business that you love? Good question. For starters, its complicated and easy at the same time.Its complicated because sometimes my kids need my attention and I have a scheduled phone call. Its easy because I've scheduled that call and I'm training them to be patient and wait for Mommy to finish. PATIENCE is a quality I want to teach anyway. :)Its complicated because sometimes my kids interrupt my webinars with silly questions that could absolutely wait till the webinar was over, but they're testing the boundaries. Its easy because my husband and I are a good team and because my webinars are on his calendar, he knows he's 'on' during that time, and all I have to do is send them to Dad. :)Its complicated because I sometimes have guilt about not being available to my family whenever they want/need me. Its healthy because I am their mom, and its good for them to respect my time as they learn to respect other people's time.Its complicated because life gets messy and I cant be all things to all people. Its freeing because I'm not supposed to be. Not even to my kids.I love what I do. I love being a mom and I love running a business that inspires passion in me! I think my kids see a healthier mom, though at times out of balance (just being honest) but it is my absolute hearts intention for them to know that THEY are my first priority and should they truly NEED me to be there when I have a previously scheduled appt or call; I can be, and I WILL be there. :) A home based business allows me to make - and KEEP! - those kinds of promises.If this seems like something YOU'D like to build as you raise your family - I'd love to share with you what my business is. I'll warn you: it can get complicated as you try to master both. :) But I cant think of anything more meaningful than raising up solid people to be a contribution to society and this world's future (our kids) while we help other people reclaim their health. That's what made the decision so easy ~ in a messy sort of way! :)Come be imperfect but inspired with me ~ you'll be glad you did!In Relentless Pursuit of Excellence!TRACI :)To learn more about what it is to build a home based business as a Team Beachbody Coach - please join TRACI on Monday's at 6pm PST by following this link!