Peek Into The Morrow Kitchen While We're On The Ultimate Reset

Thought it might be fun to show some of the fun adventures in the room where we spend most of our time on The Ultimate Reset: the kitchen! :)You'll see prep work, creative ways to prepare the food, some of our favorite kitchen tools, and teamwork! :)  YES! The Ultimate Reset IS for the whole family! :) 

Shopping - a group effort!


Brother-Sister team preparing the fresh herbs (this warms my heart more than you could know!)


"Mom, am I chopping the onions the right size?" asked Bayli and when I looked up I find her with swimming goggles on!



Discussing how awful they think the Detox tastes


LOVE my new Cutco knives!


Bayli's Cutco battle wounds. YIKES.


Distilled water for everyone! :)

(ALWAYS put the Mineralize in your water - NOT just before meals. Its actually not good for you to drink plain distilled water)


Pulling the tempeh out of the oven - SO GOOD!


Beautiful veggies


Dirty dishes....


....more dirty dishes, and corn being prepped for dinner....


Dinner cooking


Prep work


And ahhhh.....order restored....for five minutes at least......


As you can see it takes the whole family working together to actually do The Ultimate Reset as a family. There is truly no way on God's green earth that I could do this myself. Nor should I! I've trained my kids to OWN what they commit to, and its such a reward to have them engage and willingly work for the common family goal, then sit around the table and decide if its a "keeper" or not.  My daughter Bayli is a STAR for all the work she's done. She comes home from school and is always looking to what needs to be done next. She is a JOY! :) We have had so many laughs as we've prepared our food over these last 2 1/2 weeks - its been the highlight of the whole experience for me. Kitchen bonding as we prepare food for the family. :) And my hubby KC and 19 year old son KC have been awesome dish doers - washing, unloading, loading, drying - without complaining! True, we get edgy with one another because we're hungry, but overall its been a great adventure...TOGETHER! :)

Stay tuned for more! :)

In Relentless Pursuit of Excellence....TOGETHER, as a family!