Morrow Family Ultimate Reset - Day Three :)

 First day on The Reset with no meat. We wont have meat from this point on.Not gonna lie, this was the hardest day by far for food prep! I was the last one to the dinner table because I was rolling everyone's sushi rolls and a little obsessive about wanting to be able to cut the roll into perfect little sushi pieces. This is the day that I called Joey Petri, my friend who started the Reset 2+ weeks ahead of us, and a former Cutco knives salesman. I desperately need new knives and Joey was gushing over his Cutco knives. "Best knives ever!" "Lifetime guarantee!" "Will them to their kids, they can bring them in and get them sharpened...for life." I love guarantees like that.  (KC calls me a 'marketers dream' ;o)) So I texted Joey, got his expert advise and ordered my knives. I WISH they'd gotten here before sushi night, darn it! I'm excited about a new "tool set" in my kitchen!So here are our few pics from Day Three; missing is a pic of my least favorite recipe of The Reset so far, and KC's favorite; Lentil Lime Salad. But that sounds about right for us. :) (we typically differ on things :)) 


(Same as Day One - didn't take a photo. It was eggs, kale, and toast. I figured you knew what that looks like ;) And I somehow forgot to take a photo of lunch?

So I'll instead show you a photo of an organic delivery system that I signed up for that delivered for the first time this morning! SCORE! :))


















DELICIOUS! Miso Soup, Cucumber Salad and Nori Rolls with a delicious sprinkling of ground sesame seeds, seaweed, and Himalayan sea salt

I told you in the initial video - this is gourmet food - and YOU'RE the chef! :)


In Relentless Pursuit of Excellence - TOGETHER - as a family!