It's Good To Have A Friend

That's what my favorite sweatshirt says on the back. On the front is Snoopy and Charlie Brown hugging. I LOVE Snoopy but I also love the message of that shirt. :) Its true, isnt it? We all need a friend, and you're blessed indeed if you have one or two or even three that you can share life with.  I mean REALLY share life with them. The deepest, perhaps not so attractive side of you - the raw human part of you that needs to sometimes share unfiltered and still be accepted. Do you have a friend like that?  I'm blessed to say that I have a small few.  But I had no idea how very rare it is until I started working closely with people, only to find that many people crave to find those close friends that love them like a brother or sister. But on top of that, I found that according to a Gallup Poll, friendship actually helps you perform better in your career if you have a close friend doing your work WITH you.And that's what I want to blog about today. This business of Team Beachbody Coaching and the ability to invite your friends to do this WITH YOU! :)Check out these statistics on 'Friends in the Workplace' from Gallup Polls:

  • People who have a "best friend" at work are seven times more likely to be engaged in their work. They also have fewer accidents, more engaged customers, and are more likely to innovate and share new ideas.
  • People with at least three close friends at work were 46% more likely to be extremely satisfied with their job and 88% more likely to be satisfied with their life.
  • The research overall shows that the quality of the friendships in your life are the best predictors of daily happiness and life satisfaction, and have profound implications for your physical health and longevity.
  • Do friends shape your waistline? If your best friend has a very healthy diet, you are more than five times as likely to have a very healthy diet yourself.
  • Successful friendships are the ones in which friends play a specific role in your life. The fatal mistake in friendships is forcing one person to fill every role.

The beauty of Beachbody Coaching is that we get to choose who we invite to work with us! Do you know what that means??? We get to work with our friends!! Is it any wonder why our business and message is spreading so quickly?! Statistics above show that we are more satisfied, more innovative, and those we serve are more engaged because we're HAVING A BLAST! :) I have said since we launched the network that "TOGETHER...we're BETTER!" That doesn't mean we're better than other people, it just means you make me better and I hopefully make you better by simply working TOGETHER. We get and stay fitter TOGETHER, we play a specific role in one anothers lives, and we are more satisfied in our lives....because of one anothers involvement! Those are pretty powerful statistics!So, I ask you - why not join in the fun and share YOUR ideas? My team and I are just waiting to live and enjoy life - WITH YOU! :)In Relentless Pursuit of Excellence,TRACI :)