Starting P90X2 :)

Hey there!Its hard to believe its February, but here it is February 7th! I spent much of January sick, which is surprising considering how healthy the Morrow family is, but we also have 8 people heading out into the work place, and four different schools, so not a complete shock considering the germs we track home! That being said, I started P90X2 in January, got three days in and ended up sick. I really gave my body the rest it was asking for and took the three weeks off from working out. NOT from eating clean, but from workouts. :) And here I am, healthy again, well rested, and started back in again on P90X2.Its interesting to be doing this program for the first time at 41. When P90X came out I was 34 and though I've continued faithfully in my workouts over the years, I find myself nervous again. I dont know why....probably just the perfectionist and worry-wart in me. I felt the same way with the X when I first started. I remembering telling Tony how nervous I was to start.  I wondered if I could do the moves he had created, and nearly 8 years later I find myself wondering the very same thing.I work out live with Tony from time to time and LOVE how his fitness has progressed over the years. Just four workouts in, my nerves are settling and I'm LOVING the whole feel of this program. It just further confirms just why he truly is America's Trainer - or according to P90X2 Balance and Power the "King of Fitness". :)  He pays attention to detail, he pushes himself out of his comfort zone, and consequently we go along for the ride. :) There is a lot of attention to recovery and working the knots and kinks out of your muscle, which is such a nice bonus, and perhaps the very core of the entire program: the body's recovery. If you are considering purchasing this workout system, I HIGHLY recommend getting the Rumble Roller rather than the plain foam roller! Its a *dream* if you have aches and pains and soreness and really digs into those spots. Tony teaches you how to use it in each of the videos and I keep an additional rumble roller in our bedroom so I can rumble roll out my sore muscles in the evening. My husband KC and I are addicted to it! :) Our carpet looks so funny with the little marks the roller leaves - evidence of the extra attention we get to give to our aches and "hot spots".I recommend getting a good pair of shoes for the jumping. The older I get I find myself really paying attention to those details that I never gave much thought to in my 20's and 30's.  The very details that will enable me to work out well into my 70's and hopefully 80's: protecting my joints. Tony is now 53 years old and the reason he is in such incredible shape is because he pays very close attention to the details that take care of spine, joints, tendons, etc. So again - he leads the way in the "how to's" for those of us lucky enough to follow along in our own journeys. I like to get my shoes from as you can try them on at home, hop around a little to get a feel for them and send them back if its not a proper fit, free of shipping. I dont have the time or interest to drive around from store to store to find the perfect shoe, but I do have time to sit at my computer and browse quickly through cross trainers online. My favorite brands for a good cross training shoe is Adidas and Puma for my foot and pronation. But find what works for YOU. :)So off I go. Follow along, and if you'd like to join me, I have a private accountability facebook group for people I'm coaching through their own program/weight loss journey. The more the merrier, and if you'd like to join me, just shoot me an email at :) I hope to hear from you!In Relentless Pursuit of Excellence!TRACI :)