In The Los Angeles Area? Come Meet Brett Hoebel!

If you are a Team Beachbody Customer or Coach, or a 'Biggest Loser' fan, then you know the name Brett Hoebel. He's the creator of Rev Abs and also one of the newest trainers in the most recent Biggest Loser Series. He has a passion for fitness; as a formerly overweight teenager (when Brett was between the ages of 11-15 he was 50 lbs overweight) which fuels his desire and drive to help people.  I've had the opportunity to hear Brett speak, both on a stage as well as one on one, and he's an all around good guy with a big heart. Brett's brand of fitness has a body-mind approach that comes from his diverse experience in Eastern and Western disciplines, including his martial arts training in Afro-Brazilian capoeira  and Muay Thai kickboxing  as well as his undergrad education as a premed in biomedical science  and post-graduate studies in functional strength training, nutrition, yoga and holistic health.  Brett is dedicated to empowering people with the knowledge, motivation and ability for personal change.Please grab your friends and come hear Brett share, and let him work you out to some high energy house-music! It will be an event to remember, and NOT to be missed! :)Register TODAY, before spaces fill up! We're expecting this event to sell out~ http://www.LIVETrainerEvents.comTRACI :)