Someone you love recently diagnosed with Autism? I've got a book for you & everyone in the family to read!

You suspect your child is suffering from autism— but aren’t sure where to start? Written by parents for parents, The First Steps; A Parents Guide To Fighting Autism serves as a roadmap for navigating those early days. As they draw upon their own journey they address the need of knowing what to do and what to expect at the beginning. Their hope and prayer is that this book helps you set the ground work for many successful years of therapy, with the ultimate hope of recovering your child!The recipe section in the back of the book will also give you a GREAT START on tackling the special dietary requirements most kids with autism struggle with. After six years of dealing with their own child’s very restricted diet, the recipes included in this book will give you a variety of options to start with. The authors Brad & Alisha Crawford, are the parents of three boys, Brodie (age 9), Jonah (age 8 ) and Graysen (age 6). They discovered their oldest son Brodie had autism at 17 months of age. This discovery began an all-intensive battle and race against time to draw their son out of the complex and reclusive world he was living in.Now, over seven years later and with Brodie’s amazing story of success, the Crawford’s want to share what they’ve learned. This book is one they wish they would have had at the start of their long journey!Find the author on facebookStay connected to the authors blogThe Crawford Family (l-r) Alisha, Brodie (in back), Brad, Graysen, Jonah (in front)