Dale Christensen, Founder, Diamond Coach

“When I joined Team Beachbody, my most important decision was aligning myself with a coach like Traci Morrow, who is not only my friend, but a mentor who has seemed to master all the qualities that go into a very successful leader and example of the Team Beachbody business. She walks the talk as an ultimate model of the Beachbody fit lifestyle, cares about people, is a natural leader, and goes way beyond the norm in building her team of coaches with weekly webinars and conference calls. She’s won the prestigious TOP COACH award with Team Beachbody for three consecutive years and has helped build the largest, most successful team in the organization. She takes time to make sure I am supported through her webinars, personal calls, and business coaching and it has helped me to be more successful in my business. I am always more than proud to tell people “Traci Morrow is MY coach!”

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